About us

Inclusion and innovation start at home. Our mission is to provide functional, accessible spaces that feel right for you.

specialist disability accommodation

We build life-changing living

We partner with investors to build specialist homes that help people with disability to live life on their terms. We’ve been working on and achieving our goals since 2016 and are proud to be known as a trusted leader in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Australia.

Whether your goal is to live more independently, get involved in the community, or change your life for the better in a way that suits you, Liverty Housing is here to help.

What guides us

  1. Our mission

    To design and deliver innovative housing that is responsive to changing needs.

  2. Our vision

    Everyone with a disability has a home to live in comfortably.

Our values


We find clever ways to make things better


We show up when it matters and keep our promises


We work together to achieve better outcomes


We embrace who we are, quirks and all

Our story

Liverty Housing was founded in 2016 by the Summer Foundation. Back then, we were called Summer Housing, and we were known for being one of the pioneers in the specialist disability accommodation sector. We’re just as proud of this fact today as we were then!

Our goal was to help people with disability find suitable housing rather than aged care facilities. We started with two apartments in Abbotsford, Victoria, in 2013. Seeing how well they worked, we did the same with ten apartments in the Hunter region of NSW in 2016. 

From these successes, Summer Housing was born. We were pioneers of the 10+ 1 model, which was a move away from institutional or group living arrangements. Instead we offered apartment living that was peppered throughout large developments while also offering the comfort and assurance of on-site support.

While we changed our name to Liverty Housing in 2023, our goals and mission have always remained the same. As a trusted sector leader, we continue to push for much-needed changes and guiding policy around specialist disability accommodation.

Fast-forwarding to today, and we’ve achieved our initial goal of commissioning 300 of these homes. Located in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth, you can find us in nearly every major city in the country!

Even though we’ve helped so many people with high-quality living, independence, and community inclusion, our work is far from over. Our model has moved to partnering with investors to build life-changing living. And our aim is to continue improving people’s quality of life, giving them the choice and control they deserve.

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Contact Liverty today

At Liverty Housing, every door opens to a world of choice, independence, and community. Our homes go beyond physical spaces— they’re places that speak to your individuality and welcome you home, where you can relax and be yourself.

To see how we can help you become a part of our inclusive and empowering environment, contact us today.