Edwina’s Story

photo of edwina in her SDA home

For Edwina, moving into an SDA apartment meant much more than just gaining her independence and privacy back. It’s enabled her to spend more meaningful time with her children and maintain her most important role of a mother whilst receiving the support she requires, to ensure her relationship with her children is optimised. 

Before moving into her SDA apartment, Edwina stayed in hospital for 9 months and from there was discharged to enter Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) for the next 4 months, which “wasn’t very good as it was very small.” Edwina was determined to move out and live her own life again with her children but struggled to find accommodation options suitable to her needs.  Then she found Liverty Housing through the help of her mum. Edwina applied for Martin & Powlett as the location was ideal and because she was familiar with the area. Her family also lived close by which meant they could visit her often, which was important to Edwina. 

Life now for Edwina in her SDA apartment has been a game changer. “I just feel better. I do suffer from depression quite a bit…but that’s kind of gone now. Everything is so accessible…the proximity to the train station is fabulous.” One of Edwina’s aspirations was to pick up her Art classes. “I’ve always wanted to do Art classes” and moving into this apartment has helped Edwina achieve that. “One of the other tenants attends the art classes as well so we share a taxi and go in together” and make a social outing out of it. 

More importantly, living in her new apartment has facilitated Edwina’s family reconnection by allowing her to spend more time with her children and continue her parenting role, which in turn has benefited Edwina’s emotional health and improved her overall quality of life.

“Often the older one cooks dinner for us…so that’s been good too…and I love the fact that I can have my cat here because I really missed him.” 

Edwina has also achieved one of her long-term goals which was to go on a holiday with her boys. “That’s happening as we’re going to Phillip Island over the school holidays…this is the first one since I had my stroke…so it’ll be very special.” 

Edwina is now living the life the way she wants to, independently in her own space. “It (her new home) was so much better than what I thought it would be. It’s been amazing” equally for both herself and her family. 

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