Andrew Roff

Chief Financial Officer

An accomplished Chartered Accountant with proven success in overseeing finance strategy, operations, and performance for companies across diverse industries.

Why I love working at Liverty Housing

Liverty Housing’s unwavering dedication to improving housing for individuals with disability is what drives the work that I do. The approach that I take with my work at Liverty, is starting with “the end in mind”, striving for constant improvements in all areas across the business. It’s how I can play my part in streamlining the process of getting people into their new homes and ensuring that seamless process continues well after.

What I love to do when I’m not working

Enjoying all facets of family life with my wife and three grown up children – family dinners, celebrations for any occasion, going to the movies and generally having a great time. 

Going up to the farm on weekends to work on repairs and chaining fallen trees, jet skiing on the lake, going to Mt Buller to ski or having long enjoyable family and friend BBQs. 

Playing golf, tennis and of course going to restaurants of all cuisines.