Kelly Suber

General Manager, Service Excellence

A transformation specialist, who is a lifelong learner with a creative mind, dedicated to fostering innovation and building meaningful connections. 

Why I love working at Liverty Housing

Feeling safe, understood, and heard resonates with everybody. Being able to use my corporate acumen to achieve this on a larger scale for the sector through Liverty Housing is what drew me to the organisation. 

Liverty is home to a group of people who work tirelessly as their own entity and alongside external stakeholders, to ensure everyone has a place to call home. Liverty understands the customer experience and the need for change, innovation, and refinement according to sector and individual’s needs. 

Being touched by this sector, it became important to me to work with a for purpose organisation that was trusted, broke down barriers and provided the foundation for accessible services. 

My mandate is that ‘it is not about the change, it is always about the people and their intersection with the change’, and Liverty truly embodies this mindset. 

What I love to do when I’m not working

Spend time with family and friends, hanging out with my 11-year-old bestie (he is the reason I am so driven to work in the sector). I am the people’s “favourite aunty”, love spending time with all the different kiddos in my life, watching these tiny humans grow! 

Food is at the centre of everything for me, it brings people together, I love cooking and creating beautiful meals, breaking bread reminds me of my childhood, that feeling of togetherness. 

My sense of adventure is ever present, I love jumping in the car for a road trip at 4:00am as much I love getting on a plane, always looking for the next adventure. 

My favourite cartoon-is Alice in wonderland. 

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