Stuart Miller

Chief Executive Officer

I’m a CEO with a passion for making a difference in people lives. 

Why I love working at Liverty Housing

Liverty provides the opportunity to meet my professional needs and more importantly the needs of a person who recognises the fortunate opportunities I have received over my life and the desire to ensure every Australian receives those some opportunities. 

The chance to work in a sector that is still maturing and an organisation that has gone through such rapid growth provides an opportunity to use my skills to leave a lasting footprint. Liverty gives me the chance to instil a true customer focus and improve service levels for our tenants. Liverty gives me the chance to enhance the sectors reputation and make it more secure in the long term. Liverty gives me the chance to provide homes for those with a disability. 

I love working with and meeting people of all walks of life across our great country, and Liverty provides a way to genuinely connect with people that enrich my life. 

What I love to do when I’m not working

 I am a very active person and drag my family of 4 children along with me everywhere I go. We love to waterski in the summer and snowski in the winter. Throw in some bushwalking, making meals in our pizza oven, sailing and dirt bike riding and you begin to appreciate how much I love being outdoors. 

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