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Understand SDA Design Standard

The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard provides comprehensive guidelines for the design of newly constructed SDA properties seeking enrollment under the NDIS.

This standard categorises SDA design into four main categories, as set out in the SDA Rules (2020):

  • Improved liveability
  • Robust
  • Fully accessible
  • High physical support

By establishing clear design requirements, the SDA Design Standard enhances transparency, instills provider confidence, and ensures compliance. It enables participants to access high-quality housing options, offers providers the flexibility to cater to individual needs and preferences, and provides architects, builders, and the community with valuable insights into the construction of accessible housing.

Effective from July 1, 2021, the SDA Design Standard mandates that all dwelling enrollment applications include certification from an accredited third-party SDA assessor confirming compliance with the standard. It’s important to note that the SDA Design Standard does not apply to dwellings seeking enrollment as existing or legacy SDA properties.

Download the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard PDF below.

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